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Hello this tumblr has me mostly uploading art (mostly embarrassing art lots of fanart)

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GOIN TO MEXICO!!!! until thursday! here is hope i get wifi but if not I WILL MISS U GUYS <33333

sunset girrrr

not seen: trevor destroying the rental car and traumatizing two valets

Anyone familiar w a problem where you plug in the tablet and the light turns on for a blink then shuts off??? But the tablet is still “plugged in??”

but there’s no supported tablet on the system?!?? Wtf ?!??

I’m like 99% sure it’s a driver issue + I desperately need a new laptop, but I just thought I would reach out…

it’s been a long time coming…. it is finally time to split these into two and finally unleash everything built up inside me… just kidding but i’ll prob be posting more nsfw stuff there since i’ve gotten more followers on this blog and think it will be easier to post 2 a different blog so it doesn’t assault anyone OK I AM BLABBING SORRY this will  be a mix of oc and fanart probably will post something soon thx bye!


will this blog ever not be full of ppl mackin on each other PROBABLY NOT

will this blog ever not be full of ppl mackin on each other PROBABLY NOT

notmikey what a cutie / 3 \

notmikey what a cutie / 3 \

lesbialonetogether said: some guts/griffith smooches!

im sorry i keep posting shippy oc sketches  OTL

more sketchbook stuff 👴

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choowy choowy Said:

not the fanciest clothes but formal enough 4 a young dee