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Hello this tumblr has me mostly uploading art (mostly embarrassing art lots of fanart)

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  1. spicyshimmy said: this is so fucking amazing. i seriously wish i had a copy of this so i could frame it and hang it in my room. just the haze of the mountains in the distance and all the gravity in that utterly authentic pose. amazing.
  2. caboodlederps said: Ah god, the dynamic flow of the picture is awesome! I love how it easily directs the viewers eyes! Well done :)
  3. crocordile said: shit this is awesome!! shit shit shit damnnnn D:
  4. ofminorstature said: oooh oh wow. nur. i am sexually attracted to your drawing. help.
  5. jyami said: this is fucking awesome. i love your lines sob sob sob
  6. yumbles said: O M G HOW IS everything you make so cool and sexy???? look at that SWEET SPIN AROUND OVER THE SHOULDER GAZE ufffhh..as always, gorgeous strokes ;; theres so much motion waehhh
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