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Sure, Kaidan had heard all the rumors about Commander Shepard. Who hadn’t, by now? He knew the same as anybody else did: the ones about the beard he wouldn’t shave, that he was known as the Champion of the Citadel, that he might’ve been working off the books with a beautiful mercenary wanted in at least two systems. There was this one volus on Omega—you could usually find him in Afterlife—who’d tell you the true story, a different one each day. 

But if you listened more to idle gossip than you looked into a man for yourself, you didn’t end up with too many friends—or too many COs you could trust on assignment. 

They said he’d lost a sister during something they didn’t talk about, an incident on Akuze. They said the Council was just waiting for the chance to cut him off—except he kept on helping them despite their interference, and they needed a man like that when they were dealing with the Reapers. 

They didn’t say he worked with a broody turian whose white face paint wasn’t like the markings Kaidan was used to seeing on them.

‘I always stop off in Afterlife before a mission,’ Commander Garrett ‘Hawke’ Shepard said, before he even introduced himself, the scar across the bridge of his nose looking even bigger than it did in the interviews. 

The beard looked bigger, too. The armor just looked older. And Hawke Shepard was looking at Kaidan. 

‘Nice hair,’ he said finally. ‘How do you get it to stay up like that after wearing a helmet all day? Not,’ he added, ‘that I ever have trouble keeping anything up, mind you.’

‘I don’t know if I follow, sir,’ Kaidan replied. 

‘You will,’ Hawke said. ‘Eventually. It was a compliment, really—for some reason, whenever I’m nice to a person, they always think I’m putting them on or having a laugh at their expense. Why do you suppose that is, lieutenant?’ 

‘Now, Shepard, don’t you think you ought to be a little kinder to him? At least until he settles in.’ The asari in the room turned away from their commander and toward Kaidan. ‘It’s a pleasure to have you working with us, Lieutenant Alenko. I’m Doctor Merrill T’Soni, and don’t let Shepard get the better of you. He’s like this with everyone, especially on their first day.’ 

She’d never know how grateful Kaidan was to her for it. But he never had been top of his class when it came to expressing that kind of thing. 

‘Our mission,’ Hawke said, debriefing them in the engine room, ‘is to pinpoint the whereabouts of and meet with a renegade biotic experiment gone wrong. Subject Zero, first name Anders. Goes by Justice. Think we can handle that?’ 

‘Yes, sir,’ Kaidan replied, the only one saluting.

‘Fantastic. Gravity-defying hair and a can-do attitude.’ Hawke grinned. ‘You know, Merrill, I think I actually like this one?’ 

AHHHH THIS IS SO FANTASTIC BABY SOBSilu ;W; I would read an entire novel like this…………shepard battling the archreapers dkshkashdaksdh

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