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ugh whatever shepard i’ll work on you another day

kaidan in the style of a jc leyendecker work

There’d be plenty of stories running the next morning on the wedding of the century, probably earlier than that. Even if the policy was strict—no unauthorized photography, no omni-tools, no datapads, and Garrus Vakarian was the one checking all guests on their way in—Kaidan was still expecting to see a candid or two making the rounds on the extranet. Mom’d even send him a link if she saw it, whether or not the thing was doctored, obviously, from the fifteenth remake of Pretty Woman

Honestly, none of that mattered when Shepard touched one of the buttons on Kaidan’s vest and said, ‘Never expected to see you wearing this kind of a suit.’ 

‘Yeah,’ Kaidan agreed. ‘It’s kind of throwing me off by not being blue.’ 

‘You look good,’ Shepard added, and went back to messing with his bowtie, even after Kaidan tied it for him, then loosened it, then loosened it again. 

The thing Shepard didn’t understand—and maybe he never would—was that this wasn’t preparing for a drop; the only Alpha Team they had was the one at coat check. And that…

That was what finally made Kaidan weak in the knees just thinking about it.

‘I’m gonna sit down for a second,’ he said, legs already folding. It was so real; it was so worth it. Everything they’d been through and watching Shepard bow—Shepard, who could jump to salute even while he was in the ICU, still not the guy who stayed still during his tuxedo measurements. 

‘Yeah.’ Shepard sat down next to him, easing out his stiff knee. ‘Me too.’ 

It was the photo they ran, Kaidan looking to one side—to Shepard’s face, which might not’ve been there at all. 

It was also the one photo that got saved before Grunt charged the intrepid cameraman and Kaidan remembered who they were, the friends they had, something other than Shepard.

But that was only for a little while. After the wedding, Shepard was gonna be the closest he ever got to forever. 

‘We didn’t even say cheese,’ Shepard said, and Kaidan laughed, kissing him one last time before the wedding. 

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