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Hello this tumblr has me mostly uploading art (mostly embarrassing art)

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criz-zone replied to your post: spicyshimmy replied to your post: hey new…

yeah, no love for your old fans … who do you think you are? BioWare?! <_< j/k I’ll be fine as long as there are (more or less meaty in the the more or less right places) Hawkes

kjdffdsfs shh you are all my babies but i am no prison warden…….

weird analogy aside i can’t promise that there WON’T be meaty hawkes or just

meaty men

in general 

i spent way too much time on this

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  2. criz-zone said: and you didn’t even pull the ‘artistic licence’ card or just thank me for the feedback, there is still hope left XD I simply just love your free and unbound artistic approach to the drawings and generally hope to see more :)
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