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Hello this tumblr has me mostly uploading art (mostly embarrassing art)

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Like, really, you are too damn amazing. If this were highlander, I would slay you and take your awesome art powers. But since it's not, I will just sit over here and admire the way you interpret ideas into your own unique and insanely beautiful art. (Also, you draw the best mens ever, ever, ever.) Ahhh. /shutting up now
choowy choowy Said:

ok i think it is a unanimous vote that charlotte is one of the sweetest people i will ever meet AND IS JUST ALWAYS GREAT IN GENERAL and what art talent too!!!! i love seeing your work progress ;w; and damn those napkin sketches…

that said ugh thank you so much dksjdalda; like always it means a lot to me and SOMETIMES ART CAN JUST BE A BUTT AND THINGS LIKE THESE ARE JUST THE SWEETEST AND MOST WONDERFUL THINGS TO READ ;;;; so uh yeah  i am going to go shove my face in a bowl of macaroni and be happy 

  1. iheartapostates said: sobs happily, girl seriously, just, you tell so many beautiful stories with your art, I am in AWE. Yes, drowning my happiness in some macaroni is also a really good reaction to this, aaaah, thank you so much. ;w;
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