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Hello this tumblr has me mostly uploading art (mostly embarrassing art)

reblog/personal blog: seriousbirds


Original art

OC stuff:

Miz Liz (ongoing project)

Wolf and Bear

The adventures of Compass

Fanart (I rarely update this tag)

Please let me know if you have any questions, any at all!

You can leave me messages here or just email me!

(Note: My Paypal is not the same as my email)

[Paypal only]

(if you want to see more specific examples, shoot me an ask!)

Digital Sketches - $15

(a bit messier than shaded)

Shaded Sketches ($30– add $5-7 for additional characters depending on complexity)

Ex: [link] 
Ex 2:

Monotone Painted- $40-60 (Add $7-9 for additional characters depending on complexity)
Ex 2: 
[link] (NSFW)
Ex 3: 
[link] (NSFW)

 Ex 4: [link] (nsfw)


Note: I am fine with drawing OCs & porn (unless maybe it’s something way out there we’ll see..)

Please be as specific as you can! If you want to cite an example in order to be more precise, feel free! 

This is the first time I’ve opened up for commissions, so things will probably be subject to change. Thanks! :) 

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