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Hello this tumblr has me mostly uploading art (mostly embarrassing art lots of fanart)

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Original art

[OC stuff: (with shimmy):Wolf and Bear
The adventures of Compass]

Fanart (rarely updated)

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i’ve been in an art slump for a couple of days so i’m trying to break out of it by raising some noiz

taiga taiga


some Bbbbbbbruce and dddddddick

dads and babs: RDR edition

jimmy boy


shinji is a chihuahua

shinji is a chihuahua

replayin bully god i love this game

late night doodies
a determined drake and also sullys first bday

the way nate jumps off things worries me


various kawoshin tegakis with choowy (you can tell which ones are hers cuz they’re more interesting to look at, but uh… odds were me, evens were choo.) 

muffled sobs is what we call eva round these parts

kawoshin really hurts my heart sobs thank u for drawing them w me lionz

practicing the venture butts

connor from a doodle dump

also oblig. bruce wayne

also oblig. bruce wayne