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shepard’s expression in that last gif is because he just knows that’s going to be all over the ship in no time, everybody talking about his pheromones. james is going to make a pheromoan joke and joker’s going to be all ‘you can play it cool, commander, but you know what? the pheromones don’t lie’ and even dr. chakwas is going to cough a polite pheromones into her hand when shepard least expects it. and basically javik does this on purpose, like supplying primitives with straight lines they can’t let go is what he’s really here for. (damn prothean sense of humor looking so much like pure evil.)


i did not even know this existed..

i fucking love this game


Buy me a drink, sailor?

buy me a drink, sailor? harry asks while touching his chest suggestively. nathan pretends like the last time he bought this sailor a drink they didn’t end up boarding each other, reporting for booty duty, and harry continues to touch himself meaningfully, and nathan continues to pretend like it’s not happening, and harry’s nose continues to be itself, and when i first got this scene i thought, wow, they are going to just make out right there at the bar. harry is going to jump him like a monkey or a spider or a spider-monkey and is this real life?


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KDHKASHJDKA idk if you remember how excited i was when this scene came on I LOVE IT SO MUCH

Hank, I don’t feel good about this at all.

this is an amazing gif set