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mushes ur guys’s faces so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GLAD YOU STAYED UVU SOBS i love how porn is the uniting factor

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(maybe you would like the mini-fic set in the past shimmy wrote that goes along with the drawing ;w;)

They’re lying together by the fire—Wolf lit it after Bear gathered the wood—with Wolf’s fingers in Bear’s hair, threading against his scalp and tickling his ear, when he says, ‘Do you have children?’

'None that I know of,' Bear replies, and laughs, though Wolf is clever, and can feel his muscles stiffen.

'Have you ever thought about it?' Wolf asks.

'All men do,' Bear says.

More than women. All the time.

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My headcanon that just about every time Bear visits or deals w/ Wolf & Cub, he & Cub end up falling asleep on each other in a pile. He physically wears the kid out and he gets exhausted trying to deal with a child in the first place. When they wake up (usually Bear first, since Cub goes out like a light and stays out until several hours have passed while Bear is used to short bouts of sleep from soldier days). Wolf always sets them up with blankets and pillows while they are sleeping.
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OK I JUST HAD TO PUBLISH THIS TOO  (good it is sans my freaking out at how cute this is) 

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How did Wolf and Bear meet? Is the little boy you have drawn with them sometimes Bear's son or did they just both sort of adopt him also they are all cute you should draw them more along with Compass and co? (That last one wasn't a question so much as a selfish want, sorry about that.)
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AHHHHHHH MY FIRST QUESTION  i am so excited okay 

wolf and bear met years ago during a war when wolf was the leading officer/strategist for a small group of barely-disciplined soldiers who were basically brought together by consent or by burning down their homes (DARK TIMES) and bear is one of those men! and after i assume a long ass time of ust and stolen glances (still writing this part with shimmy ksjhkfs) they fucked!!

THE LITTLE BOY’S name is cub and he is actually wolf’s son (the mom is a really good friend of wolf’s, and IN THIS UNIVERSE/SOCIETY I GUESS women possess the capability for magic and they hold most of the power and are more involved with things like leading, military etc and not caring for children/being a homemaker. SO IT IS NORMAL for men to take care of children through i am still not sure if two men raising a child together is as common?) and because cub is wolf’s son bear is a little distant to him and can’t really accept him as his own SO THAT MAKES EVERYONE SAD but with time he gets better uvu 

(also cub loves him and wants to be JUST LIKE HIM) 


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2, 7, 19!
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2. What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?

smackjeeves (lmao), deviantart, conceptart, and y!gallery (which i never used…)

7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.


19. What medium/program do you use the most in your art?

Tablet & photoshop cs3!! when it wants to work for me anyway….

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R-REALLY ;;;;;;;;;;

i know most people followed me for da2 stuffs so i kinda feel weird spamming oc stuff now but 

FSHDFSDKFH THAT MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY TO HEAR ;;;;;;;;;; i really wanna do those worldbuilding wednesday things

so many reallys…

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I await the day with my questions straining against their tethers, waiting for you give the signal to unleash them like so many hounds.

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all the questions will be asked
CRIES THANK YOU GUYS OMG you are helping make this dream come true……………………………

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Are those nipple rings?