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while i am on the tegaki streak i have to post this long overdue photoset of what has essentially been a kaidan pokemon au with stonelions(1, 2, 4, 7, and 10 are drawn by lionz and the rest are drawn by me ;w;)

there are 3 different kinds (can you identify them)


Me and choowy scribbling bab au shenanigans via tegaki late at night, this time with Toy Story costumes?? 

Mamalenko saves the day, bless. 

(1,3&5 by me, 2&4 by the incomparable choowy <3)

THX GOD FOR MAMALENKO but really look at bab kaidan’s doe eyes in the first pic!!! gosh!!!! such a proud buzz lightyear!!!!

wugh i just think baby hawke and baby kaidan would so be sandwich pals ;;;;; TRADING SANDWICHES EVERY DAY

shimmy’s post on mass effect tabloids got me thinking of hey remember the time when kaidan sent shepard nudes and they were intercepted by the futuristic version of tmz? it was hot stuff


choowy replied to your post: what if garrus was completely terrible at…

all this time during calibrations garrus was just writing in his diary



Commander Shepard is an unusual and fascinating CO. Unorthodox methods, emphatic—and not entirely by-the-book—Alliance views… Perhaps we’ll have a chance to talk more together in the future. Some one-on-one time, Garrus Vakarian style…


Playing ‘hard to get’ is a human tactic thoroughly recommended in all forms of available literature. This will apparently drive human object of your affections ‘wild.’

Hopefully not too wild. I never did feel stimulated by krogans or varren.


Beginning to think ‘tried’ and ‘true’ method was in fact standing in for ‘tired’ and ‘generally assumed to be true, pending further investigation.’ Unfortunately, no trustworthy salarian studies have been conducted on the subject. So it looks like it’s just me and my calibrations.


The great irony is that I don’t even like calibrations. They aren’t as…impressive or half as…humorous as Commander Shepard.


Why is it so difficult to tell someone you’d follow them into hell and back again if they asked you to? It’s the truth, after all. Tomorrow, hell. The day after tomorrow… Well, we’ll see if I write again, won’t we?


Almost lost Shepard.

Nothing to say about that.


There is no Vakarian without Shepard. Archangel is all that remains of the turian I used to be. Before Shepard… And after Shepard.


Do humans find scars attractive?

Solana is never going to let me live this down if she finds out about it. And poor Mother must be turning in her grave.


I know I keep asking if it can wait… But I’m not sure how much longer I can.

That certainly sounded ridiculous even to me.


Strange to think there’s one thing in this big, bad galaxy that Garrus Vakarian is actually bad at. I never thought I’d see the day. 

for that one anon

3 2 1 notice all the mistakes GO




goddamn tabloids!!!

Married life means photographs on the wall, short-frame vids over a fireplace, wish-you-were-heres on digital postcards, a photo-album cloud with mutual access and the password b1gstup1dje11yf1sh. Memories that get rectangled off in a single snapshot, scenes from a wedding and its wild reception, when Shepard danced with Wrex after midnight and two chairs and a table and three separate walls wound up in need of serious repairs by morning. 

At least they’re not one of those couples that takes pictures of themselves kissing and posts it on the extranet, on Racebook for everyone to see them smooching.

What’s on your mind, Kaidan?

Status update: Kissing Commander Shepard. Yeah, it’s exactly as awesome as it sounds. 

But marrying the discount-rich and galactically-famous means photographs on the extranet every day—feeding Shepard’s growing collection of Kaidan candids.

Somehow, Kaidan’s mouth’s open on a steak sandwich in just about every one of them. 

‘I love ‘em,’ Shepard says. 

‘I don’t eat that much,’ Kaidan replies. All right; maybe he does. But— ‘It’s the… Come on. Biotic metabolism, Shepard. I’d crash if I didn’t have those snacks. How come they never mention that?’ 

‘Probably because it’s more fun this way,’ Shepard says. 

The galaxy knows more about the inside of Kaidan’s mouth than it does about Shepard’s bad habits. For some reason, in Shepard’s pictures, he’s always smiling. And Kaidan, like a starved varren, holding one sandwich in each hand, spicy steak sauce on his chin, manages to blink one eye on command whenever a distant shutter clicks. 

‘It’s a real talent,’ Shepard tells him. 

‘Do my eyebrows really look like that?’ Kaidan asks. ‘No, you know what— Don’t answer that.’


a gift for stonelions! papalenko and bright-eyed bushy-tailed spectre alenko oh kaidan IF ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT AWAITED YOU



criz-zone requested post-thanksgiving kaidan complete with ugly sweater heh

Biotic metabolism. Bound to burn off those extra holiday pounds before Shepard can say ‘disingenuous assertions.’ Or ‘disingenuous insertions,’ which happened once, but that’s not his fault, since back then he was running on two hours of sleep to more than forty-eight awake. And besides, how was insertions any more chuckle-worthy than a word with ‘ass’ right there at the start of it?

‘Soft place to land, huh?’ Shepard asks.

‘I can see you eyeing my turians,’ Kaidan replies. 


Sweaters. Apparently they’re made to be taken off. Something Shepard didn’t know, being a simple guy with simple sweaters of his own, but loving’s for learning and old dogs can still pick up a few new tricks. Still, the first day Kaidan wears his newest one, Shepard bows his head and leans forward and suggests, in his best turian voice, that maybe Kaidan should leave the sweater on tonight. 

‘I’ve had enough of your disingenuous coercion,’ Kaidan replies. 

‘Wrap your hanar around me,’ Shepard says. ‘…Yeah, all right, that sounded weird.’


‘Krogan charge?’ Shepard asks.

‘We’re not playing Urdnot Clan and Thresher Maw again, Shepard,’ Kaidan replies.

‘Okay,’ Shepard says. ‘But I’m making that sweater official Normandy gear starting…now.’


Kaidan’s still holding the mug of tea when Shepard pushes off the couch, easing out the crick in his neck, stretching his shoulders until they pop. ‘Knit me like one of my geometric aliens,’ Kaidan says, with a tea-deepened chuckle. His fingers are warm when they touche Shepard’s face. The sweater’s itchy, pushed up over Kaidan’s stomach. The gray in Kaidan’s hair matches the steam rising off his cup. 

So. This is what cozy means. Shepard hooks his fingers over Kaidan’s hips.

‘It’s a metaphor, right?’ Shepard says against Kaidan’s cheek. ‘About all the races coming together. Uniting a galaxy. Defeating a common enemy. It’s wearable art—like one of those krogan wall murals, even. All fleets, reporting in.’ 

There’s no better sweater. 

‘Permission to land, Shepard,’ Kaidan replies. 


criz-zone requested post-thanksgiving kaidan complete with ugly sweater heh



early morning sleeping tiny kaidan because i had to sobs so cute

These are the things you never have to try to remember about a child.

Unlike the rest—motherhood, diaper changing, colic, baths in sinks, the dreaded terrible twos—remembering comes naturally. 

All the nights he appeared in the doorway, sleepless, restless, tired and small, still wearing a baby’s cheeks. Still, practically, a baby. And—because all stories have their sleepy ending—the first morning he was still in his own bed when you were out of yours, and there you were in the doorway watching him sleep without you, holding a mug of tea with your fingers warm but your bare feet cold.

A pillow won’t replace you, no matter how tight he holds it to his face and chest. And his cheeks are always going to look the way they used to—no matter how many times you blink to clear your eyes.

His first A. (You celebrate twice as hard until he knows how much it means to you.)

His first heartbreak. (You didn’t want to send him to Band and Acting Theater camp to begin with, empty house in the sunny middle of a Sunday.)

His first real relationship with someone who talks only a little more than that pillow ever did, all hard edges he tries to diminish. (Because he knows how easy it is to hurt someone when you keep them close, and every time he looks your way, you say, ‘Hello, John.’ Sure to smile. Sometimes, you wave.)

He’ll be grateful. Your little boy. Always asleep in his little room in your big heart. Whatever shape it is now, he made it that way. 

Every fever. Every fear. Every locked door. 

On his birthday, you ruffle his hair over an old scar. He lets you kiss his forehead.

‘Love you too, Mom,’ he says, because you’ve always been telling him: I love you, K. 

early morning sleeping tiny kaidan because i had to sobs so cute

the quality of this got fucked over kinda x_x but um this was…some teen au kaidan because i really enjoy his beautiful face and body


stonelion and shimmy’s teen au garrus is adorable