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SO I HAVE FINALLY MADE CHARAHUB PAGES for the main cast of Miz Liz! I know some of you have asked me about my ocs so I HOPE THIS HELPS PAINT A BETTER PICTURE OF THESE LOSERS I worked pretty hard on these so if you want to take a look you should let me know or something because it will make me overjoyed and i will crey

just CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN MORE! Or click here if you don’t want to move your mouse

assorted sketchbook doodies

motorcycle study

my brush pen/water brush pen pair came in yesterday so ive been experimenting and having fun with it so uh here have my ocs looking at things…exciting…

i have a 33 megabyte sai file of shame here is a small glimpse

more sketchbook miz liz


ocs from an old comic idea

more oc doodoos

oldish concept sketches

Thank you everyone !! Your responses were super helpful in alleviating my nervousness! I’ll be sure to try all that stuff!! 😌

Has anyone else gotten their wisdom teeth extracted (without going under)? HOW DID IT GO…HOW DID YOU DEAL WITH IT AFTER…. I’m getting one of my impacted ones removed this Friday and would love to hear some other stories 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

a long time ago when those monster generators were in I did a few and this is one idr the context…

this is really old

baby compass and mom

one thing her and compass have in common is that they both think harry is a terrible dad